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Talent Philosophy

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Talent philosophy:Employee oriented and win-win theory
Energas advocates the value in both employees and enterprise to grow together.Contribution by employees makes up the blooms of Energas;with the high speed development of Energas,each staff gains his enterprise culture identity,the affinity of Energas,and the sense of accomplishment.Energas is always willting to provide a broader platform for every employee to enhance his or his or her value,and regards the calue as the treasure of Energas.
Education concept——
Energas develops personnel training into a strategic height,and constantly create development platform for each staff to learn and challenge themselves.
Notion of selecting employees——
Equal stress on integrity and ability,Morality, Morality Pior;Meritocracy and Fair Competition
Concept of employing talent——
Trust and reasonable authorization to the staffs;Achieving the best practice for the emplovees.
Concept of retaining talents——
Energas sets its enterprise culture as the core faith which keeps employees loyalty and progressively