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Leader's oration


Striving to become industry leaders in the field of clean energy is the collective goal of everyone at Energas. Energas Group is committed to the cause of energy conservation, and can provide its clients with competitive energy utilization solutions. Energas’s priority is to create the maximum value for its clients, and is always diligently improving its solutions through pragmatic innovation and meticulous work. Today Energas is known as a domestic leader in the fields of gas-fired generation, gas supply systems, and is one of the leading national high tech enterprises. After completing a successful listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Energas is rapidly developing at all points in the gas industry supply chain. Utilizing a market and customer orientated approach,Energas will be able to build upon its core competencies to create a competitive core for the enterprise group.


The nature of China’s energy sector has gone through significant changes, which has created a favorable business environment for Energas; the promotion of global clean energy has begun to accelerate has brought with it unprecedented opportunities for development; Unity within Energas’s hardworking staff, acting in good faith to help all aspects of society, has provided the engine to facilitate Energas’s growth. It can be said that all factors have aligned to create the most optimal circumstances for Energas to grow. We would like to thank everyone that has accompanied Energas on this journey, devoting their talent and hard work to create a cleaner future, as well as to all of Energas’s friends around the world who helped contribute to our development. And finally, we would like to thank our shareholders for their continued consideration and support of Energas.


We will continue to uphold our mission statement of “Integrity, Cohesion and Innovation”. Combined with our excellent management system, strong business model, and top level personnel, we will continue to provide our customers with high quality products and streamlined services.


Energas Group is looking forward to working with our colleagues and associates to create our dream of a future with blue skies and clean waters!

XieBing  CEO of Energas

Leader’s Speech