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Energy Storage Product Industry
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Zhongke Paisi Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd is the first enterprise to realize the large-scale manufacture of lithium-sulfur battery globally. The company was founded at August 2016, located at Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone, with the registered capital of 105 Million CNY. With the help of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics leading lithium–sulfur battery technology, and the capital injection from Energas group, as well as the excellent engineering and marketing development ability, the company is pushing the research, development, manufacture and application of lithium-sulfur batteries. The lithium-sulfur battery that is produced by the company can be used as a new type high specific energy one-shot battery or secondary battery; it has the potential to replace commercialized lithium-ion batteries and widely used in energy storage, power, 3C products and other areas.




The World's First Lithium Sulfur Battery Industrialization

Since its establishment, ZhongKe PaiSi adheres to the business philosophy “Everyone is a business innovator, everyone is a business operator”, and willing to be a world-class energy storage solution provider to contribute the inexhaustible force for human development. Focusing on market demand, relying on a strong independent research team and advanced automatic production lines, ZhongKe PaiSi will enter the field of High-end batteries, and become a global battery industry leader in the future.

Advantages of lithium sulfur battery


Informationalized single soldier combat system

High specific energy and high capacity Li-S battery can significantly improve the combat ability of soldiers.

Single soldier system is a major project of Civil-military Integration Project in Dalian, Zhongke Paisi earnestly implemented the National Civil-military Integration Strategy and comprehensively advance deep developing of Civil-military Integration.

Informationalized single soldier combat system is a platform for execute combat mission independently. It is constituted by individual protection, individual weapon and individual communication. It includes: night vision goggles, radio station, optical sight, the global positioning system, communication equipment, microcomputer, etc.

Informationalized single soldier combat system puts forward an urgent requirement of high specific energy, high safety level and long lifetime batteries.

Currently, domestic and foreign informationalized single soldier combat system weight 35-70kg, including 7-14kg of battery weight. If using Li-S battery, the battery weight of single soldier will be less than 5kg.

Stratospheric UAVs

Lithium - sulfur battery is one of the core technologies for long - space flight of stratospheric UAV

Sion Power Company in US cooperated with Airbus Company using lithium-sulfur battery technology to realize the flight test of “Zephyr 7” in stratosphere and created two new world record: more than 14 days 22 hours continues flight time and flight altitude higher than 21km. This has become the benchmark of Li-S battery R&D.

Stratospheric UAVs(HAPS): it can monitor over hundreds of miles wide, it is equipped with functions similar with satellite communication and uninterrupted ISR( intelligence, surveillance and recon). The cost is only one-tenth to one-twentieth of a satellite. Zephyr 7 has 12 meter wingspan, 50kg weight, equip battery pack of 8.5kWh.

Power source

High-power Li-S battery combines high specific power, long duration and long range.

Characteristic of launch power source: has better rate capability, can supply high discharge rate for equipment in a very short time. Moreover, the advantage of high specific energy can satisfy the equipment of long flight time requirement; meanwhile, it has better environmental suitability, which allows it to function well even at extreme temperature, high load, strong vibration, complex electromagnetic interference and other environments in order to keep equipments function well .

It can satisfy the long range ballistics requirement of advanced missile, rocket, torpedo, etc.