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Energas Shows in Dual-use Technology Achievement Exhibition Splendidly so as to Contribute to China Dream and the Dream of Stron

“Liaoning Dual-use Technology Achievement Exhibition and Demand Matching Meeting” was held in Dalian which is a beautiful coastal city from November 16 to 18, 2017.


The exhibition is jointly held by several government departments and enterprises, including Liaoning Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Dalian Municipal Office of Industry and Information Technology, Dalian Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (Group). The exhibition is focused on “Thorough implementation of the national strategy about military and civilian integration development” so as to comprehensively advance the theme of “in-depth development of military and civilian integration” for establishing scientific and technological resource sharing platform for interaction of military and civilian industry.


Energas has always been on the way to realize China Dream and the Dream of Strong Army

As an enterprise to drive military and civilian integration, CAS-Energas Energy Storage Co., Ltd and Energas Turbine Power Technology Co., Ltd under Energas Group were invited to participate in the exhibition. Advanced technical products brought by them aroused wide concern.



As a kind of new type of power battery with high energy density, lithium-sulfur batter of CAS-Energas has the potential to substitute for lithium ion battery at present and has wide application prospect in aerospace, military and police equipment, single soldier information system, and other fields. In addition, Energas centers on private gas turbine brand OP16 and KG5, takes research and development and manufacturing of gas turbine and other rotating machinery and complete equipment as main businesses, and will contributes to improving level of industry, energy, military matters, and etc. It is believed that precision and advanced product technology of Energas can provide due contribution to national economy driven by the national strategy of “military and civilian integration”.



Energas Group successfully showed its scientific research, production capacity, and stable and pragmatic corporate image to all walks of life in the field of military and civilian integration through b>three days of exhibition, which laid a good foundation for better follow-up development.

Energas will keep up with the national development strategy of military and civilian integration, will always continue to focus on independent and controllable technical advantages, and will persist in product innovation, scheme optimization, and comprehensive service so as to contribute to its strength for realization of China Dream and the Dream of Strong Power!