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Learning and Implementation of Spirit for the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Maintenance of Constitu

December 4 is the National Constitution Day specified by the State Council. Energas Corporation created an atmosphere of legal publicity so as to cultivate legal consciousness of employees to learn laws, to know laws, to abide by laws, and to uphold laws. The Company organized a series of in-depth publicity and education activities from bottom to top of the Company by taking “Learning and Implementation of Spirit for the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Maintenance of Constitutional Authority” as the theme during the period of Constitution Day.

Create activity atmosphere and pay attention to constitution publicity

In order to better conduct activities on “12.4” constitution publicity day and to strengthen publicity strength, the Company publicized constitution knowledge to employees and conducted constitution education by means of electronic screen, company intranet, forum, and other forms so as to create a good atmosphere for everyone to learn laws, to know laws, and to be a law-abiding citizen.



Conduct panel discussion activities, to know laws, to understand laws, and to use laws


Employees of all department were organized to attend constitution learning exchange meeting in the meeting room at headquarter of Energas Corporation on December 19. Colleagues in Legal Department were invited to conduct universal education for content of the Constitution so as to carefully learn and implement spirit of Chinese Communist Party, to carry forward legal spirit, to improve legal consciousness of employees, and to popularize basic legal knowledge in combination with theory and actual conditions starting from knowing the Constitution. Understanding of Energas employees to the Constitution was deepened in the good interaction process in the forum; moreover, law popularization consciousness of employees was strengthened so as to acquire and use them.



As the fundamental charter, the Constitution is the basis to rule a country according to the Constitution and to determine legal belief. National Constitution Day has significant and profound influences on establishing legal consciousness and driving implementation of the Constitution.


Energas will further strengthen the idea of managing enterprises pursuant to laws, will practically implement responsibility for managing enterprises in accordance with laws, will greatly carry forward constitutional spirit with actual actions, and will attempt to create strong atmosphere of respecting laws, learning laws, abiding by laws, and using laws in the future.