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Warm ending for association activities of winter solstice series of Ordos Energas Energy Co., Ltd.

As the winter solstice comes, in order to further promote traditional culture, enjoy health and entertainment, and highlight enterprise culture, and to promote thought communication and cooperation spirit between employees at the same time, in this sunny winter day, association activities for winter solstice series of Ordos Energas Energy Co., Ltd. in 2017 prepared and held by Safety Production Technology Department of the company comes warmly, bringing one warm winter solstice memory to staff in Ordos Energas Energy Co., Ltd..


Our lives start with running!

In order to strengthen staff health, enliven cultural lives of staff, and create national fitness atmosphere, in the morning of December 22, Ordos Energas Energy Co., Ltd. held winter cross-country race, and there were 28 company staff participating in total.


Although it was very cold, everyone was still with great interest and high spirit. During the competition, they chased each other, and no one was willing to lag behind. Competition scene was full of excitement, brightness and warm. Those active figures, happy sound, and happy faces were the pleasure of exercise, and the burst of passion.


Big competition of technology, and great improvement of quality

In order to improve professional technical ability and professional quality of employees, after the winter cross-country race, the first session of technical competition contest of Ordos Energas Energy Co., Ltd. was started in the afternoon.


Through various links such as fierce knowledge question for the whole afternoon, enthusiasm of wide staff to learn technologies was mobilized, and learning and understanding of staff to post knowledge were deepened. Through competition in theoretical knowledge and practice ability, everyone was made to emulate those better than themselves, and recognize their own insufficiency to improve their own professional technical levels with more efforts to make themselves become industrial field pioneers with more comprehensive ability and high quality.  


Merrily gather to make dumplings, and warm people’s heart by emotion to celebrate winter solstice


Since it is winter solstice, how could we have no dumplings? At nightfall, dumplings made by everyone with efforts symbolized reunion, and answered the festive atmosphere. With the joint efforts of everyone, plates of dumplings were hacked. As they were taken out with a bang, everyone “claimed” own dumplings one by one happily. Thick dumpling fragrance warmed everybody’s heart, running over with happy and festive atmosphere.

This winter solstice, staff in Ordos Energas Energy Co., Ltd. not only experienced a feast on taste buds, but felt thick warmth conveyed by the big family of Energas. I believe that such warmth will make this winter not cold any more, and will always continue…...