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To Paint the Bright Blueprint of Erdos Energas in 2018 Together!

New Year, new start. In the past few days, the weather in Inner Mongolia was as warm as the spring sun. In the first day of 2018, the 2018 Annual Meeting of Erdos Energas Energy Co., Ltd prepared and held by the Safe Production Technology Department of the Company was held in the Project Department’s Meeting Room ceremoniously.


Annual meeting

The annual meeting titled in Work Summary in 2017 & Work Arrangement Meeting in 2018 of Erdos Energas Energy Co., Ltd kicked off. At the annual meeting, the head of each department of the Company summarized the achievements and existing problems in 2017 in details and the leaders of the Company conducted relevant guidance on the work in 2017 and deployed the work arrangements in 2018. In the new year, the whole company will work together in efforts to realize the work goals of putting into operation in August 2018 smoothly.

Art performance

After the serious and exciting annual meeting was ended, the lively and cheerful art performance began. Although the Company’s construction was not completed and conditions were poor, our staff still maintained high enthusiasm. In the short one-week preparation time, each actor was like a born artist who successfully brought us with an audio-visual feast in the original programs.

After the wonderful performances, the leaders of the Company organized the public welfare poverty alleviation activities to give help to the poor population in the old Mukainuur District, where our factory locates. Although we only have dozens of people, each one of us has a grateful heart to do our utmost to help the poor living in the old revolutionary base area with limited capacity to realize the world filled with love.

The first day in 2018 is a day full of hope, love and happiness. The new year opens up a new chapter. With a group of young people full of hope, a team with ambitions and a caring group, we believe that Erdos Energas will have a brilliant future.