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Cohesion of Power, Show Energas’s Style – The summer beach activities of Group headquarters was blooming inspirits

As summer came with clear and fresh wind, in order to enrich the amateur cultural life of staffs, as well as strengthen communication among staffs, enhance mutual understanding and communication, and build a team spirit of collaboration, on June 16, the summer sand beach activities organized by Group President Office were shown in the Golden Beach, Energas Group leaders and staff actively participated in it, to spend an unforgettable summer afternoon.

Cohesion is an important criterion for inspecting the team. The team activities strengthened the the emotional exchanges of new and old employees of the Group, and enhanced the sense of belonging to the staffs, but also better practiced the corporate culture of “good thinking, positive acting, loyalty, love for community”, so that the Energas family would be more harmony, but also better enhanced the cohesion of the Group, fully demonstrated the team spirit of Energas, so that everyone would devote into the future work with a higher enthusiasm, live and work with happiness!