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“Superbattery” Researched and Developed by Zhejiang University

Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University has developed a new aluminum-graphene battery. The battery has super long service life, can be fully charged in a very short time and still work as normal in the -40℃ - -120℃ temperature range. At present, the research & development of this new battery is still in the laboratory stage, and multiple technical problems still need to be overcome and there is long way to go to achieve its commercial production.

Long cycle life

If a charge-discharge process is regarded as a cycle, the new Aluminum-graphene battery can still maintain 91% of the property after 250 thousand cycles. The research group has measured and calculated that a smart phone can be used for nearly 70 years even if it is charged for 10 times per day if the superbattery is used.

Rapid charging speed

Aluminum-graphene battery has excellent rate capability and it allows fast charge at high currents while maintaining high specific capacitance. The new battery can be fully charged in 1.1 seconds in the current laboratory data, with minimum loss of specific capacitance. If it is applied to phones in the future, it will be quite possible to realize 2-hour phone call after 5 seconds’ charge.

Resistance to extreme temperature

The new aluminum-graphene battery can work as normal in the -40℃-120℃ temperature range. In the low -40℃, it can charge and discharge stably for 1000 times and in the high 100℃, it can charge and discharge stably for 45000 times. Besides, the battery cell will not be on fire or explode even if it is exposed to flame. Such wide temperature range has laid a foundation for the use of aluminum-ion battery under extreme temperature in the future.

Good flexibility

The new aluminum-graphene battery can fully maintain its capacity after 10, 000 bends, showing application potentiality in the wearable flexible electronic devices.