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Energas Group 2017 Annual Management Conference

On January 25th-26th 2018, Energas Group 2017 annual management conference held ceremoniously in Dalian. All group leaders, each segment leaders and backbones, as well as some relevant personnel from various functional departments of the Group attended the conference. The meeting comprehensively reviewed the Energas work in 2017, summarized achievements and experiences, and identified problems and shortcomings; at the same time it also declared the key tasks for 2018 and the development plan for the next three years. We’ll clarify development strategy and responsibilities and formulate measures to promote Energas Group could have a leaping development.
President Speech, Xie Bing, the president of Energas Group
The comprehensive review of Energas Group in 2017
2017 is an important year for Energas Group with rapid expansion in various businesses domestically and overseas. Under the leadership of board of directors, Energas achieved the overall goal what we set at the very beginning of 2017. After this rapid development in 2017, Energas has already collectivized an enterprise with two wings in clean energy business (gas equipment manufacturing & gas production operation) and new energy business (battery energy storage).
In the report, Mr. Xie Bing analyzed basing on the task achievement of 2017 overall goals, the management highlights and problems in gas equipment business, gas turbine business, distributed energy business, Li-S Batteries business, RMG China’s business, city gas business, valley electricity energy storage business, overseas business and each segment & department’s business of the group. In affirming the 2017 annual performance of the entire group, Mr. Xie also pointed out some problems what the company should pay attention and correct in the future.
The requirement for Energas Group in 2018
2018 is the first year of Energas’ management year and a strengthening  management year. It is a year which with a clear direction for future development and also a crucial year for the industrial upgrading and developin
g. Both opportunities and challenges will coexist in 2018. The company must not only strengthen our confidence and seize the opportunities, but also actively respond according to the reality with scientific plans, to enhance the core competitiveness and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the company.
Each business segment makes a deep communication according to Mr. Xie’s report. After more clear each owns business indicators, the executives of the group led the participants to discuss and communicate from investment, sales, production and management
After half-day’s panel discussion, each segment leaders confirmed with their business objectives for 2018 and make public commitments for their objectives in the meeting. Under the leadership of the Group and in the efforts of each person in charge in various segments, it is to believe that Energas Group will achieve its profound business goals in 2018.
This meeting also awarded Energas 2017 best team--Gas Equipment, and 2017 best staff--Liu Lian. They created countless excellent performance dutifully and diligently in 2017.